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Thanks for taking the time to submit your website to the Search24 Web Directory. We appreciate it.

If accepted, your listing will last for two years. You will receive an email from us just before your listing is due to expire so you can renew your listing or allow it to lapse. We do this to keep the content of the directory relevant and up to date.

Please do not submit any sites that fall into the following categories:

  • Sites under construction
  • Sites that are not available in English
  • Sites containing "offensive" content - porn, drugs, hate etc
  • Sites that promote illegal activities
  • Sites that are primarily full of advertising (AdSense/affiliate ads etc)
  • Sites that use excessive pop-ups and/or pop-unders
  • Amazon stores or ebay affiliate pages
  • Sites that redirect from the submitted URL


If you take this option and your site is accepted your site will be listed within 24 hours of submission (as long as the submission is made on a business day). The current price for an Express Review is stated below.

All sites submitted through an Express Review are given priority in the category they are added to. Inner pages are acceptable for Express Reviews.


If you take this option and your site is accepted your site will be listed within ten working days of your submission.

For Standard Reviews you can ONLY SUBMIT THE TOP LEVEL DOMAIN (no inner pages).


We update the directory every working day.

We reserve the right to reject or remove any site from the directory without having to give a reason.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - and some of the reasons for rejection

Poorly written titles, keywords in your description, baD graMMer, Capitalizing Every Word or not capitalizing proper names, and choosing the wrong category for your site are sure fire ways to get us looking for the reject button. Take the time to choose the best category for your site and fill in the form correctly and there is a good chance your site will be included. We haven't got the time or the inclination to correct these type of mistakes.

You can see the latest rejections here.

Search24 is a human edited, SEO friendly web directory. We manually check every submission and regularly delete any sites that are no longer working.

By continuing you acknowledge you have read and agree to abide by these terms.

Please enter the password exactly as you entered it when you submitted the site (NOTE: Please do not modify your listing just for search engine optimisation purposes):

Standard Review
  • Free
  • The review of site change requests take place on a strict date order, first come first served.
  • Your changes will be reviewed as and when a reviewer has time.
  • Your listing will appear below all express listings.

35 pending, current waiting time 41 days.

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If you have forgotten your password then you can enter the email address used with the original submission and click 'Reset Password'. A new password will be created and sent to you. If the password doesn't arrive then please check your spam folders.

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